Core Values   

Creating Prosperity Through Cultivating Loyalty and Dedication

“People”, “Dedication”, “Loyalty” and “Prosperity” are the keys to Zhongwang Group’s steady growth so we have attached great importance to these elements.

People: Zhongwang Group provides its employees a comfortable and fair working environment and opportunities for career development with a people-oriented culture. The staff can expect career advancement as they excel at providing quality services for customers.

Dedication: Zhongwang Group always puts emphasis on quality and has adopted the highest standards of product quality in the industry. The Group conducts in-depth research on product performance and pursues technological innovation relentlessly.

Loyalty: Zhongwang Group is dedicated to contributing to the industrial upgrading in China while fulfilling its social responsibility as a corporate citizen. With the contribution by its devoted employees, the Group is able to offer light-weight solutions to the society so that people can live quality life with low energy consumption.

Prosperity: Zhongwang Group aims at creating prosperity for all parties. We are committed to advancing the Group’s sustainable development with enthusiasm and wisdom, creating value for customers by providing outstanding products and services, as well as promoting the well-being of employees with benefits and development opportunities.

   Our Mission   

Creating Value for Customers — China Zhongwang is committed to providing outstanding products and excellent services to customers .It is dedicated to working with customers towards creating the greatest value.

Offering Growth and Development Opporpunities to Our Employees — Our staff’s diligence, creativity, and insights fuel the growth of the Group.China Zhongwnag shares the fruits of its development with its staff, cultivating a sense of family and belonging.

Generating Positive Returns for Shareholders — Through strategic market distribution and continuous fine-tuning of strategy , China Zhongwang maintains sustainable growth in performance and profit, providing long-term, stable, and positive returns for shareholders.

Undertaking Social Responsibilities for a Harmonious World — China Zhongwang has always been a responsible corporate citizen with management integrity. It takes the lead to initiate and participate in public welfare activities to fulfil its social responsibility, so that more stakeholders may benefit from its development. 


After continuous surpassing, we have become into a leading company which is widely respected and has sustainable development.

Looking ahead, we will adhere to the corporate philosophy of “Creating Value for Customers, Offering welfare to our Employees, Generating Positive Returns for Shareholders, and Undertaking Social Responsibilities”. China Zhongwang has evolved to become an integrated light-weight solutions provider, delivering high-added value products to our society and more competitive value rewards to economy and environment. 

Meanwhile we take great effort to be the first class modern enterprise which leads in management, services and technology and quality etc. in the world, and also to be a global leader in manufacture process and technology in the industry.

Tianjin Zhongwang Aluminium Co., Ltd. aim to pursue the excellent and lead the green future.

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