Recruitment process

    Country's affair should be carried on by the talent, business prosperity will be realized by the talent. The talent is pillar of company, and also first working force to promote company’s jump style development. Actively explore in new way of building the talent group which match to the company's development, bring powerful guarantee for the company to stand on win position in the severe competition.

  1.Use multiple channels to introduce talented people. In the introduction of talent, zhong wang set up a high standard, strict talent introduction mechanism. We have various channels,such as  campus recruitment and social recruitment to recruit the talents strictly in the numerous qualities.Recruit more capable personnel by serious competition.

  2.Train the employee with high sufficiently, zhongwang build full sides and scientific.Set up training system based on advanced equipment, strict manage, culture blend, improve skill by practice, eventually train groups of employee with spirit of striving and pioneering.

  3.Wide platform for promotion. In the talent promotion, with high-speed and various development, Zhong Wang provides every member enormous space for the development and broad platform for the competition. In Zhong Wang,every staff’s individual initiative get its maximal degree, and their potential get maximum exertion.

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