Company to speed up the factory telecom signal network layout


On June 8, 2018, signal erecting staff of China telecom tianjin wuqing branch came to the company to conduct the telecom pipeline threading and signal opening and debugging. The overall project is expected to be completed in July, which can successfully achieve the full coverage of the telecom signal factory and improve the high quality call level of telecom users in the factory to a greater extent.

The telecom cable from shangmatai town hospital base station traction, along the factory cable pipeline, has been connected to the company's factory signal tower.Some of the sections need to be re-run through the pipe, the line in series, the realization of the entire line of the plant.Because many factory electrical pipeline route under mainland also adds a lot to the construction progress is difficult, despite the difficulties, China telecom staff and the office IT technical staff is also a fearless, grasped the nettle and their site survey and cable pit and main line pipe repeatedly, in a timely manner to design scheme, and synchronous implementation, ultimately realizing a complete coverage of telecommunication line factory.

Only after the later debugging by technical personnel can the telecom signal strength of the factory be improved as a whole. It is believed that the comprehensive coverage of the telecom signal in July will not only improve the user experience, but also guarantee the unimpeded communication of the telecom in the factory to a greater extent.

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