The company sets up a "production learning group" to go to the group for exchange and learning


In order to further improve the company's production and operation management level and lay a solid foundation for development, on June 3, the company set up a "production learning group" to go to the group for exchange and study on "safety, health, personnel, equipment" and other aspects of the workshop.

The learning lineup is composed of the deputy director and director of each factory, with wei xiaowei, assistant to the general manager, leading the team to study in the first line of the group."Study group" for a comprehensive understanding of group production operation mode, the group is divided into day shift and night shift system, to achieve 24-hour docking study, more intuitive understanding of the field staff working state, succession and docking, site security environment health management, etc., to do work experience communication sharing, complement each other.

After a week of in-depth study, the "production learning group" is also full of "experience".For group production management mode, set up patrol group, is responsible for the company as a whole existing in the operation of "safety, sanitation, equipment, personnel, discipline run" inspect wait for a circumstance, found the problem specification units timely rectification, and put in place, and as a long-acting mechanism, vigorously promotes the unremitting, stable operation for the company.

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