The group management cadres came to the company for visit and exchange


On June 21, 2018, the group management cadre composed of the factory director and deputy factory director came to the company for a visit and exchange, and chairman ma qingmei and general manager warmly received the group management cadre team.

         In the morning, the group management cadres visited the company's casting plant, hot rolling plant, cold rolling plant, finishing workshop, plate plant, and learned about the company's production and operation mode, major product categories and production process.Afterwards, according to the schedule, the group management cadres were divided into several groups and arranged to go to each factory for docking study. Through field study, they could have a better understanding of the company's development process, management mode and future development plan.Combined with the actual management mode of the group and the company, put forward targeted and constructive Suggestions, rationalize each other's adoption, and promote better progress and development of both sides.

      The group management cadres went to tianjin for a visit and exchange, mainly for further understanding of the company's production and operation mode, learning from excellent management mode and advanced production experience.With the increasing and deepening exchanges between the two sides, we believe that in the days to come, the company and the group will grow and progress together!



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