Wuqing district party secretary xu dayong led the team to the company to carry out research


Wuqing district party secretary xu dayong led the team to the company to carry out research

          GuoWenHui reported on November 1, wu qing district party committee secretary xu big red led auto industrial park and the block in the town of investigation, district party committee standing committee member and deputy prefects HongShiCong, area economic commission director Ma Guixin, district water department director Yang to increase area safety bureau chief Cao Jiawang, the block town party secretary Cui Jianfeng, car park Huang Jushan, general manager wang, firefighting division commissar, accompanied by research such as xu big red led a row has examined the auto industrial park three main canal, sewage treatment plant, tianjin zhongwang aluminum industry co., LTD., and the block town new wei auspicious industrial co., LTD., and listen to the relevant work report.

        He stressed that we should conscientiously study and implement the spirit of the standing committee of the district committee (expanding) meeting and the third quarter high-quality development promotion meeting, further improve the standards and standards, continuously deepen the achievements of the great discussions, investigate the problems and gaps, change the development ideas, innovate the management measures, improve the service efficiency, and promote the development level of the park.We should thoroughly practice the concept of "essential safety", earnestly implement the spirit of the municipal conference on work safety, constantly tighten the thread of work safety, and strictly implement the main responsibility of enterprises, industry supervision and government responsibility.

         At ten o 'clock in the morning, xu dantong and his party leaders came to tianjin zhongwang aluminum co., LTD for a visit, the chairman of the company ma qingmei, general manager, deputy general manager huang dawei warmly received the arrival of xu dantong and his party leaders.

        Xu dantong and his party came to the company's first hot rolling mill and the first cold rolling mill to visit and investigate, and listened to the chairman ma qingmei and the general manager on the overall planning of the plant and the current situation of the development of the introduction.Xu dayong also inquired about the company's current product structure, environmental protection measures, safety production and future development plans, etc. Chairman ma qingmei and general manager made detailed reports one by one.

        During the following visit, xu said that tianjin zhongwang is a key enterprise supported by our district, and the company has a great growth potential and a good development prospect.Tianjin zhongwang made a good development plan according to its own situation, and insisted on independent innovation, which made a great contribution to the regional economic development of wuqing.During the visit, xu dayong affirmed the company's achievements in safety management, and hoped that the company would strengthen the implementation of the responsibility of safety subjects at all times, earnestly investigate and eliminate production safety hazards, continue to extend the layout of high value-added products downstream, and accelerate the development of the company to become stronger and bigger.Before the end of the visit, he also coordinated the on-site work in the first time according to the company's enterprise problems, and asked the relevant departments to take it seriously and develop specific plans to help the company solve the difficulties.

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