The financial and economic budget working committee of the standing committee of the municipal people's congress visited wuqing for research


   Report from our correspondent (reporter pang juntong) on September 4 morning, finance and economics budget working committee of standing committee of municipal people's congress arrives wu qing to undertake special subject investigation and study on development circumstance of advanced manufacturing industry.Standing committee member and deputy secretary general Yang Weidong led part of the member of standing committee and the municipal people's congress financial committee, the municipal people's representatives and the city of industry and information technology committee, the municipal science and technology commission, the municipal development and reform commission and municipal relevant comrades information center, accompanied by nguyen manh cuong, deputy director of the district people's congress (NPC) deputy prefects dong-hai liu to attend the symposium.

   Yang Weidong line successively came to Tianjin zhongwang aluminum industry Co., Ltd., iron, vertical and horizontal (Tianjin) technology development Co., Ltd., Tianjin Chase Sun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., into the research and development production workshop, field to understand the production and operation of the three companies, product research and development, production technology, technology innovation, intelligent manufacturing, development planning, and so on and so forth.In the following symposium, liu donghai made a brief report on how wuqing made full use of its geographical advantages and seized the strategic opportunity of coordinated development of Beijing, tianjin and hebei to develop advanced manufacturing industry.The three enterprises made a brief report on the development status, development needs and problems faced by the enterprises.According to the survey, the researchers at the meeting put forward opinions and Suggestions on the development of wuqing advanced manufacturing industry.

   Yang weidong fully affirmed the development status and prospects of wuqing's advanced manufacturing industry, and appreciated the district government and relevant departments for actively responding to the needs of enterprises, developing industrial clusters, building innovation platforms and creating a good ecological environment for industrial development.He hopes that wuqing will, as always, pay attention to the development needs of enterprises, establish and improve the communication mechanism between government and enterprises, unimpeded information exchange, and solve the problems of enterprise development in an efficient and rapid manner.At the same time, it is hoped that the deputies to the municipal people's congress and the responsible comrades of all functional departments at the meeting will seriously treat the research and practice, adhere to the problem orientation, and precisely connect with each other, so as to facilitate the development of the city's advanced manufacturing industry.

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