"Fuxing" EMU plus Zhongwangzhi Accelerated Lightweight Aluminum


Recently, the national railway began to implement a new train diagram. After the adjustment of the operation chart, the number of "Fuxing" EMUs has increased. As an important supplier of "Fuxing" automobile body aluminium profiles, Zhongwang Group, the world's leading aluminium industry, will take this opportunity to usher in new development benefits.

According to the analysis of Zheshang Securities, with the improvement of domestic high-speed rail network, Fuxing will promote 600 billion domestic substitutions. The agency believes that, on the one hand, Fuxing represents China's standard high-speed rail, and is the main direction of domestic high-speed rail development in the future. If all 2586 groups of "Harmony" are replaced by "Fuxing", roughly estimates that the replacement space will reach 400 billion yuan. On the other hand, the 13th Five-Year Plan Government promotes infrastructure construction, and expects to add 11,000 kilometers of railway construction, with an additional 1,320 expected. Group Renaissance needs about 200 billion more space.

Zhongwang Group provides deep-processing products for dozens of "Fuxing" automobile body aluminum profiles, and is one of its automobile body aluminum profiles suppliers. With the opening of the "Fuxing" domestic substitution ceremony, the company's high value-added products in the field of high-speed rail will usher in greater development space.

In fact, Zhongwang Group has been committed to lightweight development in transportation and other fields, especially in metro, high-speed railway and other fields, which has been deeply cultivated for many years. It has a leading edge in technological innovation and product research and development, and has accumulated rich experience and absolute market share.

It is understood that Zhongwang Group was an important "undertaking" of many key rail transit projects in the country. Up to now, Zhongwang has undertaken the industrialization project of large-scale and high-quality aluminium alloy ingots and complex cross-section aluminium profiles, which is a special project of industrial revitalization and technological transformation of the National Development and Reform Commission and the industry and telecommunications departments, and the industrialization project of 7000 Series High-Performance aluminium alloy structural materials for car body chassis with an annual output of 50,000 tons, which is a strong foundation project of industrial transformation and upgrading of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

At the same time, Zhongwang Group's project of industrialization construction of aluminium alloy car body and its structural components for urban rail and high-speed rail passenger cars has been listed as the national torch project; the aluminium alloy extrusion profile project for EMU and the new aluminium alloy skirt project for EMU equipment cabin have been recognized as provincial scientific and technological research results. In addition, Zhongwang has obtained the international certification of IRIS quality control system of European Railway Industry Association, welding of EN15085 rail vehicle-rail vehicle and its components, and has completed the development of aluminum profiles for Metro conductive rail and C80XC series railway freight vehicle profiles. In addition, Zhongwang Group also provides a lot of high-quality aluminium alloy profiles for metro projects at home and abroad.

Lu Changqing, chairman of Zhongwang Board of Directors, said that in the past, many products, including aluminium alloy profiles for high-speed railway carriages, had no production capacity and Chinese enterprises had to rely on imports, which led to high costs, including processing fees. But now, Zhongwang Group and other Chinese enterprises have been fully able to produce high-quality extruded profiles of high-speed iron and aluminium. The processing cost of aluminium alloy profiles of high-speed railway carriages is lower and the quality is better. The production cost of high-speed rail has been reduced while the quality has been improved, making China more competitive.

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