The final product quality ismainly based on slab quality. The advanced equipment and optimized process areadopted to improve the quality of Aluminium alloy slab which can guaranteeAluminium alloy products at high-performance. 

Tianjin Zhongwang Aluminium Co., Ltd. has multi-side cooperationwith many world-class companies on material design, metal treatment and castingprocess optimization etc., which comprehensively improves the quality of theAluminium alloy slab treatment with high performance for different customers inthe industry.

All the melting and holding furnaces are supplied by GAUTSCHICompany. At the same time, Tianjin Zhongwang purchased full set of AL-EMS,refining unit and casting machine. In cast house natural gas is used ascombustion fuel. All production lines are equipped with AL-EMS(Electric-Magnetic Stirrer), in-furnace refining and on-line refining devicesetc. Computer-controlled melting system can realize automatic control oncombustion system so as to ensure the uniform metal temperature, even furnacebath temperature and stable furnace pressure, furnace operation safety is alsoimproved accordingly. To keep the metal flow evenly into the mold with uniformtemperature, tilting holding furnace is used to produce high quality slab. withinternal guiding cylinder, we can ensure reliable and stable casting duringsemi-continuous casting.


Gautschi Melting Furnace                                                                                                         Gautschi Holding Furnace


 Wagstaff Casting Machine                                                                                                  Moessner Sawing Machine


SMS MEER Scalping Machine                                                                                                  Vollert Intelligent flat library

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