Tianjin zhongwang 220kV substation is about to be completed and put into operation


    Tianjin zhongwang aluminum electrical power department learned from the tianjin zhongwang investment in the construction of 220kV main substation for the user station, the current installation and acceptance has been completed, has entered the phase of joint adjustment, the end of October this year with power conditions.

    Tianjin zhongwang 220kV substation is equipped with advanced equipment. ABB products are selected as the main equipment in the station, including 4 120MVA main transformers, 220kV SF6 closed combined appliances (GIS), station transformers and 35kV SF6 inflatable cabinets.SVC compensation device and primary and secondary protection system are selected products of well-known companies in China. 

    After the operation of tianjin zhongwang 220kV substation, a power supply network pattern with 220kV substation as the main station and 25 35kV substations as sub-stations will be formed, which will play a crucial role in optimizing the power supply structure of tianjin zhongwang, improving the power supply reliability and power quality.

                                图一 变电站主楼

         图二 SVC补偿装置

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