The company organized and carried out badminton competition activities for the management team


In order to enhance the understanding and sense of cooperation between management cadres, training team spirit.On June 30, the company organized management cadres above the ministerial level to hold badminton competitions and activities in the recreation and sports center of the living area.

A total of 28 management cadres participated in this competition, divided into 14 groups. The competition system adopts the form of doubles to compete, and each game adopts the best of three sets of two sets of 21 points per game, and the one who exceeds the other party by 2 points is the winner.

The management cadres also give full play to the spirit of teamwork, in the arena to compete, sweat like rain.Every high altitude across the arc, are strength and skills, physical fitness and a strong reaction.Exquisite skills, perfect cooperation, but also let the contestants between the exciting tug-of-war between the scene quickly lit up the tense atmosphere, everywhere exciting.After the fierce conflicts between the players along while, finally fused cast factory director Gu Zhongxu and maintenance department minister hai-tao fu, project management department minister Han Shuhuan and administration department minister FuJie bronze good results, the asia-pacific division minister water lau and purchase department minister bao-feng li runner-up, comprehensive office director Kang Zhuang and packing department minister ab.

This outreach activity not only provides a platform for mutual exchanges and exchanges of football skills and self-display, but also fully demonstrates the team spirit among management cadres, laying a solid foundation for the follow-up work.

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