Liu donghai, deputy district chief of wuqing district, and his delegation visited the company for investigation


On June 29, 2018, liu donghai, deputy district chief of wuqing district of tianjin, huang jushan, general manager of wuqing automobile industrial park, Yang bo, deputy general manager and other leaders visited and investigated the company. The general manager of the company gave a warm welcome and warm reception.

Liu donghai, deputy chief of wuqing district, and his delegation visited the no.2 line project of the company, listened to the report of the company's production and operation in 2018 and the construction progress of the no.2 line project in detail, and understood some difficulties and problems in the development process of the company.It is hoped that through deeper exchanges and discussions between the two sides, the green channel will be opened up to help solve the difficulties encountered in the company's promotion and solve the problems for the company.

       Then, wuqing district deputy district chief liu donghai and his party came to the company's administrative meeting room on the fifth floor for a discussion.At the meeting, liu donghai, deputy district chief of the company's development prospects gave a high degree of recognition and evaluation, and attach great importance to the company's development in the face of some difficulties and problems.He said that the development of enterprises is a strong driving force for the healthy development of regional economy. The government will spare no effort to solve difficulties and problems for enterprises and support them to develop better and faster.At the same time, he hopes that all enterprises and units should do their work, pay attention to emancipating the mind and independent innovation, accelerate the pace of development, and make greater contributions to the high-quality economic development of wuqing district.


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